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Colour Trend in 2017

Talking of colour trend, how could you not think of the Pantone Matching System? And for 2017, Pantone has declared the Colour of the Year to be...


A refreshing, energetic and hopeful yellow-green colour that makes you want to take a deep, invigorative breath. Of course, it reminds you of our environmentally friendly paint and our varied shades of green!

From our shop:

512 Roulotte | 124 Yangon | 116 Atlantic Sea
115 Eucalyptus | 112 Cedar of Lebanon | 111 Cardamon
102 Amande | 117 Elderflower

Fashion can never be monocolored! Other top colors for Spring 2017 fashion are: 

PANTONE 17-4123


A classic denim-like blue symbolizes ease and relaxation, leading as the most prevalent color for Spring 2017. Comfy, edgy, fashionable. But in ‘Iceland’, there is a bit more of mystery and romance.

From our shop:

120 Iceland

PANTONE 13-0755

Primrose Yellow 


An enthusiastic and delightful yellow, infusing your life with vitality, warmth and youthfulness. But… it is probably not as tasty and sweet as our ‘Banana Split’.

From our shop:

515 Banana Split 


PANTONE 19-4045

Lapis Blue 

A blue shade that is tough and modern, allows you to stand out from the crowd effortlessly. But a gentleman in a ‘Velvet Suit’ sounds even more irresistible.

From our shop:

510 Velvet suit

PANTONE 17-1462



 A passionate and vivacious reddish orange that is hot yet hard to handle. So, we have ‘Dragibus’ to soften the flame a little, bringing it down to warm and juicy.

From our shop:

516 Dragibus


PANTONE 13-1404

Pale Dogwood

A tender, quiet and pure pink shade that rouses the innocent little girl in your heart. Speaking of pink...what about Sakura?

From our shop:

105 Sakura

PANTONE 17-2034

Pink Yarrow

A bright, tropical and captivating kind of pink that catches your eye. But isn’t a baby girl’s bubble tutu more moderate and adorable?

From our shop:

513 Bubble tutu

PANTONE 18-0107


A shade that takes you to an evergreen, fertile, vibrant, and flourishing tropical rainforest where you are surrounded by all kinds of flora and fauna. What if you see a tall, evergreen tree like Cedar of Lebanon?

From our shop:

112 Cedar of Lebanon

PANTONE 14-1315


A tender, natural, literally down-to-earth colour that goes with everything. Of course hazelnuts are tempting, but how could you possibly resist all these shades that perfectly define earthiness?

From our shop:

534 Marshmallow | 540 Tourterelle | 535 WIld Silk
901 Angel’s Share | 902 Willow’s Wisp | 903 Fairies’ Dream
904 Pixie’s Whisper | 905 Elves’ Footsteps | 520 Linen
525 Pashmina | 539 Creme de Marron | 526 Elephant

Still can’t find the apple of your eye? Don’t worry! The colours mentioned above are NOT all we have! Our paint products range in a huge colour spectrum, with a total of OVER 70 hues, coming in different sizes and finishes featured by 5 separate collections.

If you’re a fan of sharp and lively colours, you’ll definitely get what you want from our La Peinture Collection. For the ones who seek romantic and mysterious vibes, our Voyage Collection is going to be your new addiction. If you’re an earth tone lover and believe “less is more”, our Karo Collection will in no way disappoint you! Want to further style up your environment? No problem, check out our Metallic and Black Label products!

After all, trend is temporary. Yet quality is permanent. To ensure full consistency in high quality, all our paint products are stocked exclusively from Iceland and Sweden. They are truly non-toxic and safe for everyone, giving you a colourful, comfortable and worriless home.

For more information, please visit “Colours & Paints” on our website.

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