Feature Workshop

We have designed a series of fun painting workshops for kids age 4-9 this summer. Let your kids explore the world of art by painting in the style of famous artists. Your kids can learn different painting techniques with us.

In the Jackson Pollock-inspired workshop, your kids can splash colours on the canvas to create an artist painting. The Piet Mondrian-inspired workshop allows your kids to play with paper craft and colour in shapes. The Claude Monet-inspired workshop let your kids learn colour dabbing technique. 

 It definitely inspires your kids' own twist on masterpieces spurred by the greats and develops their art skill.
 Let your kids make their own masterpieces and discover their talent with our art workshop!

“Loving them. Repair, ReStyle, ReInvent” series in fashion. 
Join this session and customise a tote or cloth bag, or step forward and explore if any of your garments could look better with some changes made with paint. In that case we will help you visualize the potential result and get it done. 

Add a design or pattern on a plain garment; cover some stains or designs you are not crazy about, or simply change the colours of a print you want to keep..., there are infinite possibilities. 

Get in touch and we'll explore ideas beforehand, or just come and have a look to see how it is, what colours you like for that potential garment to be transformed, take easy the creative process and start thinking until you feel it's the time ;) 
Come and Join us on 26 Jul, 31 Aug, 21 Sep, 19 Oct!!