ReImagine your clothes - A touch of paint
ReImagine your clothes - A touch of paint
ReImagine your clothes - A touch of paint
ReImagine your clothes - A touch of paint
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ReImagine your clothes - A touch of paint


  • “Loving them. Repair, ReStyle, ReInvent” series in fashion.

    In collaboration with Explore UPcycle Reinvent. Get hands-on painting on fabric.

    Join this session and customise a tote or cloth bag, or step forward and explore if any of your garments could look better with some changes made with paint. In that case, we will help you visualize the potential result and get it done.

    Add a design or pattern on a plain garment; cover some stains or designs you are not crazy about, or simply change the colours of a print you want to keep..., there are infinite possibilities.

    Get in touch and we'll explore ideas, or just come and have a look to see how it is, what colours you like for that potential garment to be transformed, take easy the creative process and start thinking until you feel it's the time ;)

    The paint... non-toxic and suitable for many surfaces including textiles. Better gentle wash always to help it last longer.
    * +HKD30 to use metallic paint (pay on-site)

  • Supporting textiles waste reduction and sustainable fashion, FASHION _ REPAIR CAFES is a network of spaces, creatives and artisans making it easier to connect with the skills and resources that can help us wear clothes that matter and find solutions to make them last.

    -the easiness of doing simple repairs and the satisfaction to be able to do it on our own,
    -the many possibilities for our clothes and accessories to become unique pieces and,
    -the enjoyment of the creative and making process.


    “Loving them. Repair, ReStyle, ReInvent” is a series of monthly workshops, repair cafes, talks and fun gatherings to get hands-on with different techniques to easily fix or restyle garments and accessories.

    These FASHION _ REPAIR CAFES events will happen regularly in different locations, each offering a particular experience, to make it more convenient and exciting to join.

    Welcome to start any conversation and follow the initiative on; the idea is discovering together all the possibilities we have around to keep loving our clothes and accessories.


    More about sustainable fashion with Redress and Fashion Revolution:

**Every Sunday will be reserved for 2020 Summer Workshops till the end of August.