1. Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete by MERCADIER® is a versatile product that can adapt to many different surfaces. Its use is for interior and/or exterior.

The coloured concrete plaster is a very thin grained dyed mortar.

It grips very well on most mediums and is water repellent. It can be applied on surface such as tiles, cement, plaster, concrete, plywood.The coloured plaster has to be applied in thin layers. Its simple use doesn’t imply heavy construction works and doesn’t leave sediment behind.

Aesthetic rendering:

There are many style possibilities. Depending on the tools you use or the way it is applied: texturized, at surface, mineral or tadelakt.This product is ideal for re ned contemporary interior or a more classical style.

Where can you use it?

In your interiors/ exteriors, bathrooms, kitchen, Living room, bedroom etc. It is also suitable for low temperature heating oor.

What to do with it?

Floor, walls, stairs, showers, cooking station, washbasin unit, sideboard, furniture and many more


Please contact us for pricing, application guidance or if you need more advice on your choice of colour.

2. PURE Metal

PURE® is an original process of cold metallisation plastering by french company MERCADIER® brought to you by us.

Bring a touch of industrial look to your interiors with PURE® Metal, a unique process of cold metallization

PURE ® metal

PURE ® metal is a decorative powdered plaster. Thanks to its high concentration of metallic particles you can either realize a paint or a plaster

Mixed with water or a binder it can be used inside (tiles, walls, on ferrous- non ferrous metals, wood, plas- ter) but also outside with an appropriate protective coat.

Its application is made with either a trowel, oat, brush, spatula or spray depending on the effect you are looking for.7 metals: aluminium, Zinc, brass, pewter, copper, iron, bronze

Aesthetic rendering:

You can create many effects with PURE ® metal depending on the tools used and the way it is applied:

Where to use PURE® metal?

For your interior/ exterior: bathroom (except shower), kitchen, living room, staircase. It can be applied on any medium rigid or soft Can also be used to cover objects or furniture

What to do with PURE® metal?

Decorative walls, sideboard, plastered objects and furniture, cooking station, doors, oors and stairs.


Please contact us for pricing, application guidance or if you need any further informations.