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Welcoming the Year of Tiger

Welcoming the Year of Tiger

Although it is almost the end of Lunar New Year, it is never too late to refurbish the interior design of your household to freshen up the new year. Visit our online shop for our eco-friendly paints to add some festive hues for a refreshing start now!   310 Lava Adding red to a wall might seem like a bold interior design decision. However, highlighting...

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513 Paint Shop X GTCL- Stories of Sustainability

513 Paint Shop X GTCL- Stories of Sustainability

A big thank you to GTCL for featuring us into their blog which is a series where founders of sustainable brands ask each other some questions about their journey and their vision of the future. Read on to discover 513 Paint Shop and GTCL, their motivations and aspirations as sustainably-minded businesses.  Questions:1. What inspired you to start this business emphasising sustainability?513 Paint Shop: It was exactly because we were looking for...

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