Heritage ReFashioned | Vintage Japanese Obi Clutch Purse - Red and Gold Seigaihai Kimono
Heritage ReFashioned

Heritage ReFashioned | Vintage Japanese Obi Clutch Purse - Red and Gold Seigaihai Kimono


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  • A handmade clutch purse upcycled from vintage premium Japanese kimono obi fabric

    This obi silk clutch is repurposed from a vintage Japanese obi. Perfectly sized as a travel clutch or an evening clutch bag, it’s the perfect gift to those with an appreciation for Japanese culture, and sustainable fashion.

    Pine (Matsu) is a Japanese homophone for “wait”, it is a common symbol that creates anticipation for the winter season. Pine also depicts fidelity as fallen pine needles are always in a pair. Gold and silver threads are woven into the fabric to emulate mist.

    Base Fabric: vintage Japanese silk obi
    Pattern: Stylized pine in ivory and silvery thread
    Hardware: 8" metal frame, ball kisslock closure
    Strap: 43" genuine leather and metallic chain strap

    MEASUREMENTS: 9″ x 5″ x 2.5″

    Textile sourced from Japanese, clutch bag designed and handmade in Hong Kong.

    Heritage ReFashioned is a collection of handbags and accessories made with upcycled vintage textiles from China, Japan and South East Asia. Giving a new life to forgotten textiles woven with cultural heritage, our line of textile accessories is a pairing of traditional cultural history with colorful sustainable fashion.
    Stories from the East are woven in the warp and weft of the fabric in our collections. With lively hand-embroidered dragons on vintage Kwan Kwa from Southern China, traditional symbols on past century Japanese kimono cloth, to traditional weaving from South East Asia, we know our creations will touch the hearts of fashionistas who seek eco-friendly and sustainable fashion with a story to tell.

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