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Color & Interior Trends 2019

Reporting directly from Paris, I am thrilled to share all the exciting new trends I’m spotting at the Maison et Objet & Deco Off Paris 2019 with you.  

The city of Light, Fashion, Design, where every corner oozes a quiet arrogant poise juxtaposing the grandeur of the old and the simple elegance of the modern, is vibrantly on display.  And I’m finding this seemingly opposing yet unifying dualities permeating all the highlights that have caught my eyes in the Salon. Here are my top 5 which would guide you to spotting the new and coming.


Subtle Boldness

At this year’s exhibition, there is definitely an undeniable richness of colors on display.  In as much as there’s contrast and harmony, one couldn’t achieve that without bravely stepping up in using some bolder colors.  This has been a gradual trend over the last few years and I feel that we’re really finding that confidence and savoir-faire coming to 2019. You will see the restrained boldness in the range of grey blues, muddy greens, earthy reds and pinks.  The room is filled with a sense of unapologetic confidence in its boldness yet a certain subtlety that speaks “I am not screaming out loud for attention, but I’m totally confident to show my colors.”


Contrasting Harmony

My eyes are always drawn towards colors or the harmony of them.  One of the other big theme in terms of color trend is creating a smooth harmony while unreservedly bringing in bold yet muted colors.  There is a careful curation, a certain choreography deploying colors that dance with one another.

Photo from Pinterest

We are no longer playing safe with neutrals, beiges & greys; yet they are very much the undertone of the bold colors.  A dusty blue can softly complement a sienna and taupe duo. A deep green is delighted with a dirty pink and a light rose. Play on the scale between powdery pastels to muddy dusty blues, greens, and earthy tones.


Natural Modern

The fresh take on modern is now a play between simple lines with a mix of nature, whether that comes from the materials, the patterns or colors.  A respect and mutual harmony with nature is infiltrated in our mass consciousness today. Consumerism cannot stand alone without consideration of our impact on the environment.  

In our interiors, we soften the “modern” lines and forms using inspiration of colors/patterns from nature and we consciously invite nature in by bringing plants, natural materials and view to landscape beyond to be part of the interiors.  Modern designers understand that we long for a connection with nature yet we cannot abandon modernity as part of our modern day living, so we deny neither and respectfully honor the co-existence of both.


Layers and Patterns

There presents a lot of freedom to play with layering and the use of patterns.  The richness in the palettes makes perfect opportunities to indulge a bit with opulent brocades, prints and weaves with a touch of luxurious faux fur and velvets.  We are granted permission to be playful with patterns, shapes and forms. Break away from the somber sterile modern monotonism and celebrate with a vibrant interior dotted with details, richness, and aliveness.

Soft Raw Rugged Texture

We see a lot of texture in materials - some ruggedly direct from nature but presented through new technology and engineering to bring about the softness for our modern interiors.  

The rawness of materials also come through in the marriage of craftsmanship and appreciation of the character of the materials.  Yet at the same time, there is a gentle softness that makes them evoke a great sense of hominess and coziness that is welcoming. Just as the palettes of colors carry a mixture of earthiness to them, the rest of the interiors is coherent in bringing this grounding soft rawness that’s human and natural at the same time.

Can’t wait to bring a fresh look to your home?  We are going to share some tips on our next post on how to incorporate these great fun trends into your home in an eco-conscious way that doesn’t have to mean throwing everything out and re-doing the entire home just to follow trends which might be in for a year or two.

513 Paint Shop’s color ranges grew from 1 collection when we started in 2014, to 5 collections (La Peinture, Voyage, Karo, Basic & Beyond and 5) since 2018. Each addition complements what we already have with high sensitivity and awareness of what’s current and where we see the trends and needs of our modern day home and interiors.  There are trends for colors and interiors but there are also palettes that allow the versatility to be on trend and also remain fresh and elegant throughout the years. Hope this has been inspiring in bringing you some new ideas, feel free to send us your comment and questions.  Remember to watch out for our next post!

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