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Top 5 Colours of 513 Paints in 2022

After our introduction to the top 5 Farrow & Ball colours in our previous blog post, we would also like to share the top 5 colours of 513 Paints based on our customers’ preferences. There are several collections in 513 Paints, such as Voyage, La Peinture and 5. Let’s have a look and get some inspiration for the interior design of your home!


Starting strong, we have colours from ‘5’, our third collection. ‘5’ is a collection oriented to present the richness of 5 elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. These elements are often associated with our five senses, their familiarity to us brings tranquillity and serenity to our sanctuary we call home.

#1- 305 SANA'A

305 Sana’a, a colour which takes its name after the capital of Yemen. Staying accurate to the local architecture, it presents the local earthiness and sandiness of Sana’a to an interior. It is a widely used colour yet its earthiness does not fail creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The colour goes well with wooden furniture and brown colours such as 244 London Clay and 255 Tanner's Brown from Farrow & Ball.


#2- 317 MINT


As suggested by this colour’s name, 317 Mint resembles the plant, mint. It is a colour representing wood in the collection ‘5’. 317 Mint is so bold and bright, that is refreshing for a heavy and dark interior. Complemented with dark brown or dark green like 109 Tonka Bean and 101 Trans Siberian, makes a calm yet refreshing combo for your home.


#3- 101 Trans Siberian

Voyage is a French word that means journey and travel. With this special collection, you can explore the world and capture your travel memories to inspire a new interior palette for your home. 101 Trans-Siberian is inspired by the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia. This strong shade of green brings nature to our home. It can be matched with 321 Golden Harp to make a perfect combination for your household.  


#4- 315 Bombay Sapphire

315 Bombay Sapphire is an intense and rich colour from ‘5’. The colour is vibrant and has a strong essence like the sea. It is a steady colour to pair with light colours such as 530 Little Boy or Basic White. Alternatively, 315 Bombay Sapphire resembles the mid-century blue with its bluish richness. This colour alone introduces a calm and mature interior.


#5- 518 Hulie d'olive

La Peinture, which means simply paint or painting in French, is our first artisan collection of environmental interior paint. Featured in this collection, 518 Huile d’olive is a shade of brown yellow. The colour adds a ray of sunshine and brings warmth to our home. It can be matched with contrasting colours such as 30 Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball.


The colours from our collections show richness and vibrancy. However, this does not stop the novelty the colours bring, nor is it a lack of tranquillity. The combinations of colours from 513 collections as well as Farrow and Ball can be painted as the main colour or simply an accent wall for your home to be presented anew. Along with welcoming the year 2023, why not take this as an opportunity to bring new colours for a new year?


If you are interested in the colours above or even other preferred colours, do not hesitate to contact us and let us match and find the colours of your style! Email or call us for details.


Additionally, if there are beloved colours you would like to promote, feel free to share it on Designer Choice.   



Our products are:


  • Free and low in carcinogenic VOCs
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