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3 Craft Inspirations for This Christmas

To celebrate this lovely festival, we have found you 3 easy and fun DIY ideas to try out this holiday!


DIY Marbleized Christmas Ornament 

Want some affordable DIY with a touch of class and elegance? Here you go, this craft project looks just like a genuine marble stone décor!

DIY Marbleized Christmas OrnamentPhoto from The Creativity Exchange

         All you need:

- Clear (plastic or glass) ball ornaments

- A small size paper cup

- Paint of the colors you desire

- Long wood skewers

  1. Start by choosing 2-4 colors you wish to use. For a more genuine marble look, we suggest black, white, light grey and gold. If you prefer lighter colored ornaments, just use a tiny amount of dark color, as a little of them go a long way.
  2. Place the ornament on top of the paper cup. Remove the cap and pour the paint into the ornament. For smaller ornaments, you could start with around 3 tablespoons of paint. Be aware to pour the paint straight down to the centre bottom and away from the sides of the ornament.
  3. Gently swirl the paint with the long wood skewer to get the marbleized look, and be sure to scrape the bottom as you swirl so that your first colour won’t settle in the bottom.
  4. Swirl the paint up and around the sides.
  5. Turn the ornament over onto the cup, and let the paint run out for about 7 minutes, and turn the ornament upright on the cup for another 7 minutes.
  6. Finally, just let your ornament sit and dry overnight. Remember not to put on the cap until it’s completely dry!

Photo from The Creativity Exchange

Tips: To achieve the more genuine marble look, you might like to keep the ratio of white paint and other colour 9:1.


    Spray Painted Christmas Pillow

    Plain cushion case is too boring for you? Let’s add a festive touch this Christmas with this fun and simple DIY. 

    Photo from A Wonderful Thought

              All you need:

    - Plain cushion case

    - Spray paint

    - Stencil

    - Paper

    - Tape

    - Cardboard

    1. Print out the stencil (use the Santa below as a reference) and cut out the colored part of the stencil.

                                        Photo from A wonderful thought

    2. Place it on your cushion case, make sure it’s straight, and stick the stencil firmly to the case.
    3. Mask off any area that you don’t want to be painted with the cardboard.
    4. Shake the spray paint can thoroughly before spraying. Hold the can about 10-12 inches above the case. Apply 2-3 even layer of paint, wait for a few minutes in between each layer.
    5. Take the stencil off immediately after you’re done before the paint is dry.

    Reminder: The paint will not wash out, but it may look a bit faded after a few washes, which adds to the vintage look nicely! 

     Tips: The fabric will absorb quite a lot of paint, so make sure to let it dry for long enough!

    Christmas mason jar decor 

    If you’re looking for crafty projects to do with your kids this holiday, this DIY is perfect for you! It’s simple, it’s creative, it’s fun and quirky. They’re so cute, you can even pack your gifts in the jars!

    Photo from Pinterest 

              All you need:

    -Mason jars


    -Foam brush


    -Rubbing Alcohol

    -Cotton pad

    -Buttons (optional)

    -Colored paper (optional)

    -Ribbons (optional)

    1. Clean the mason jars with rubbing alcohol on cotton pads, to remove any oil from the surface and help the paint to adhere.

                                           Photo from Making Manzanita

    2. Paint the mason jars with the foam brush (up to about 3 coats). Depends on the colour you choose, you might need more than 3 coats. Wait for a few minutes in between each coat, and don’t do a lot of back and forth brushing or the paint will start to peel off.

                                                    Photo from Making Manzanita

    3. After the paint is dry, you can decorate it with buttons and coloured papers. For instance, to make a Santa jar, you can decorate it with black buttons, and make a belt out of black and silver/gold paper. 


    Try these simple DIY ideas this Christmas and have a happy holiday!

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