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Guide to Mindful Living

Simple practices for mindful living 

Ever feel like you're living in an autopilot mode? A research shows that the average person is in autopilot 47% of the time, a dreamlike state where we aren't really fully "present". It is easy to lose ourselves in such absence of mindfulness in such busy and hyper-connected world nowadays. We often fail to appreciate the beauty of things around us and listen to what our inner selves are trying to tell us.  However, by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our mind, body and our surroundings, we can practice mindfulness and find our ways into a mindful living, Here are 4 simple practices to start with. 


1) Practice self-love

It's important to practice self- care and self-compassion to reduce anxiety and depression, and also to help you better recover from stress in daily life. We all make mistakes in life but we must learn to love ourselves by forgiving and accepting our flaws full heartedly rather than keep punishing ourselves for the faults and eventually fall into the pit of self-hatred. The first step you can do to live a mindful life is to find beauty in the little things in life, stay positive and be thankful to those around us. 

       Photo source: mindvalley.com

2) Meditation 

Attaining a calm and harmonious inner balance is perhaps the best response to cope with our hectic external environment. The healing effect of meditation could rejuvenate the body and purify the mind continuously and consistently. While practising mindfulness meditation, we could calm our mind and have better communication with our inner self. Besides, it would decrease any tension-related pain, such as, tension headaches, insomnia, muscle and joint problems and increase serotonin production that improves mood and behaviour.

Here is a link that shows you where can you find meditation centres around Hong Kong: Hong Kong Meditation Centres: Studios for Every Technique

      Photo source: womenshealth.com.au

3) Nature walk

It is not a hike. Having a walk in the natural environment such as the woodlands or by the seaside could be a beautiful experience that allows you to slow down your mind and body, and to be grounded. It is an easy practice: just go outside and have a walk but walk more slowly than usual, and pay more attention to the feelings and sensations of your body, and your surroundings. You can also jot down some of your thoughts or things that you were aware of after you're finished.  

      Photo source: Joy Ruffen

4) Yoga

Yoga is the way out to guide you allows you to make the ultimate discovery of internal and eternal peace. With the yoga breathing technique, one can achieve and develop mindfulness. Postures and Pranayama is the way out to sync the mind, breath, and body together that lets you stay more connected and aware of the present moment, and let go of toxicity, stress, and negativity.

Here are some of the poses you can try at home: Beginner's Yoga Poses

       Photo source: Yoga Training Nepal

Other than the practices mentioned above, there are other ways to practice mindfulness such as journaling and spending time to do what you love. Connect with your inner self, take a break from time to time, eat mindfully and work your way into mindful living starting from today. 

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