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March is YOUR month! This month, experience Team 513’s Picks: The DIY Trinket Dish Designing workshop! OR if going outside ails you, consider purchasing the aqua mark making kit! Whichever you choose, you will surely enjoy both options this month!

Trinket Dish Do it Yourself

Sick of your poor memory? Sick of misplacing small jewelry? Look no further! 513 has got you covered this month with our brand new trinket dish DIY workshop! Your unique dish will add color to your dresser, to your sink, wherever you decide to place your dishes you will never forget misplacing small accessories ever again!

The DIY Trinket Dish will add an extra gleam and glamor to your living space. An easy, simple and unique craft that will give your home extra color and life!

Visit the store and find a paint to match the aesthetics of your household! Or grab a DIY kit at home and let your creative sparks fly and make your own tiny mosaic on your trinket dish!


Trinket Dish Workshop

What are the trinket dishes?

Trinket dishes are molded from clay and are extremely simple and easy projects. They are cheap, affordable and do not require unique materials to produce. A pack of clay and some jars of paint will be enough to create stylish and practical products! To further personalize your dishes, you can consider drawings and colors that match your furniture and interior colors.

Trinket dishes are a great low-budget project and an excellent relaxing after-work activity. They can be gifted to friends and family members. Nothing outshines the uniqueness of a personalized DIY crafted present to the people you care about!

*All displayed works are painted by Team 513.

Find out more here:



Aqua Mark Making Workshop

Scribble, splash, doodle, dot. Enjoy the process of making as many marks as you can with pencils, pastels, and paints by signing up the aqua mark-making workshop. 

Click here to discover more about water-mark-making.

Apart from the tutorial, the aqua mark-making kit set is now available at 513 Paint Shop. It includes:

  • 1x Art Journal or 1x Pack of 15 postcards
  • 3x 10mL pot 513 Paints (3 different colors)
  • 1x 513 Brushes
  • 1x 0.3 Black Fineliner
  • 1x Ceramic dish

Grab one home and fill a sketchbook with your unique mark-making art today! Let your thoughts wander across the canvas to sparkle your imagination

*All displayed works are painted by Team 513.

For more information, please visit:



Other than the workshop, this month also features 5 green paints at your own preference. Add some greenery to your house as if you are in the woods.

Green Ground
Immerse in the atmosphere of early spring by painting in the green ground.
Green Smoke
Green smoke - a sign of an army base?
Ball Green
Add a splash of green to your walls and furniture swiftly.
Card Room Green
Add a bit of tranquility to the vivid green in the color of card room green
Cooking Apple Green
Create the vibe of health and vigor in your room, and feel the familiar charm given by Cooking Apple Green


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