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Wondering what to do during the class/work suspension? Want to find something creative to kill time? Staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak can be a good chance to complete unfinished projects including DIYs and paintings. Hence, we have come up with some creative ideas to help you overcome the boredom.


Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is a painting method that the pigments of the paints are floated in a water-dissolvable solution which refers to both the medium as well as the artwork created. Due to its transparent characteristics, a colored layer can be used to cover another layer in order to produce a special effect. The watercolor can be easily dried out and, hence, it is not suitable for artworks in massive sizes. Besides, pigments are highly portable and can be used for croquis, a fast and sketchy drawing technique of a live model.

Samples painted by Team 513
Photo from Tattoo Collection
Let’s add these watercolored cute birds to your art journal!
Apart from the figures, landscapes can be a good try for beginners.


Mark Making

Before the end of this month, partake in some mark marking at home. Discover endless ways to use paint in creative ways. So pick up that brush, get your palette ready, get some paper and cardboard and we will walk you through some of the basics of Mark Making!

What is Mark Making?

Mark Making is the process of using paintbrushes and different colors of paint to create different lines, textures, and shapes. Mark making is great for both children and adults alike. At a glance, mark-making may look like simple scribbles and may be considered meaningless. However, marks create construct abstract visuals that are given meaning based on the drawer. 

Marks can be used to express stability or strength, for example, thick lines may express anger (representing angry strokes/slashes) whereas thin lines can represent delicacy and tranquility. The possibilities are limitless and are purely based on the artist’s own interpretation. What’s more, you could do this with your kids! Mark making can help children unravel their hidden potential and encourage them to be more creative!

One famous artist famed for his use of Mark Making is Jackson Pollock:

Guardians of the Secret by Jackson Pollock 1943 via Jackson Pollock.org

Here are some examples of mark-making that we have to show you for this month!

Painted by Team 513
Painted by Team 513
Photo from Pinterest
Watercolor paintings in the art journal
Photo from Pinterest
Watercolor painting idea: Facial expressions 
Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need to start mark-making:
  • Bowls, dishes or paint palette to hold our 513 paints!
  • Paintbrushes (thick, thin, big or small you decide!)
  • Paints from 513
  • A bowl of water to adjust the contrast of colors (and to clean the brushes)
  • Pens (you can use pens to make outlines and paint over them later)
  • Cardboard, paper or fabric (to draw your marks on!)

Don’t know what to draw? No problem. We’ve got you covered:

Check out this three-part series complete with water coloring, mark making and more! Courtesy of Witty Gritty Studio!




Feel free to start with part 1 and go through all of them in order if you feel like it! If not starting directly with part 2 is perfectly fine too!

Aqua Mark-making Workshop

To help you master the technique of mark-making, we have tailor-made you an Aqua Mark-making workshop that includes the tutorial as well as all materials. In the workshop, there are two types of paints to opt for: paints only or with metallic paints. 

Another option is you can get a kit set and create the mark-making at home if you don't want to head out.

The Kit Set from 513 includes:

  • 1x Art Journal or 1x Pack of 15 postcards
  • 3x 10mL pot 513 Paints (3 different colours)
  • 1x 513 Brushes
  • 1x 0.3 Black Fineliner
  • 1x Ceramic dish

Enjoy the process of making as many marks as you can with pencils, pastels, and paints:)


 Special Project: DIY Your Clay Dish

A trinket dish made of clay is definitely an extremely easy project! Surprisingly, it doesn’t need a costly or unique material for completion, nothing but just a pack of clay as well as some jars of paint that leads to a stylish yet practical end product. To further tailor-make your dishes, you can even match the drawings and colors to your furniture and home color.


What do you need:

  • Circular bowls (used as molds)
  • Clay
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paints from 513
  • Pencil
  • Pen (depends on whatever colors you want)
Photo from Amanda Puleo



Aside from making it on your own, you can also make it with your children or family in order to stimulate their creativity! It is for sure a low-budget project and is a relaxing after-work activity. After the completion, you can even give it to your friends and family as a gift.


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