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Colorful paints give you inspiration; eye-catching paints create styles; brilliant paints bring new life to your place. If you own these paints at your home and office, it may be great but it is not enough in the 21st century. We believe that a qualify paint should also be harmless to your health and environmentally safe.

In Our Shop, you can find eco-products ranging from paints to DIY kits and paint products designed by our artists in every corner because we value the choice of living green and sustainably like you always do. Our paint products from Iceland and Sweden are all toxin free and VOC free (Volatile Organic Compound) and they are tested repeatedly to ensure they meet the legally enforceable standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

What's wrong with the conventional paints and paints that are available in the market?

Conventional paints often contain different harmful chemicals, such as lead, ammonium, formaldehyde, titanium dioxide and VOC, that cause negative impacts to health and bring pollutants to the Earth. For VOC, the harmful chemicals can be released and pose threats to health even after a decade. Although the European Union (EU) has limited the use of these hazard substances in paints in recent years, spending long hours in rooms painted with these standard formulations can still make you suffer from allergies, dizziness, headaches, respiratory diseases, and even cancers.

You are too early to take a relief if you find the paints you bought with a VOC free label. Many paints in the market claimed to be VOC free but they may contain high levels of toxins and harmful chemicals. Hence, those paints are not any safer to you.

How about our paints?

In order to reduce air pollution to the environment and save precious resources on our planet, we only use clean energy, i.e. geothermal and hydropower, in our manufacturing process.

Less is more.

From the selection of materials to the production process, we never add any toxins and VOCs to our paints. Because of our careful consideration of your health and the indoor air quality (IAQ), our paints were certified by the University of Iceland after stringent independent tests. What’s more, our paints do not contain any irritants that cause asthma and allergies and that’s why our paints are favored by corporations and school projects from time to time.

Sometimes, beautiful things are not only skin deep. They can be as amazing as they look like. If you are still finding your ideal one, come find us and we will surprise you.

Think about your family, think about your pets, and think about our lovely planet. What can you do for them?

Come and visit Our Shop and you will know the answer as we always prepare the best for you.














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