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Fall in Colors

Featuring the Top 3 colors to help you get into the Fall Mood this year 

Nothing says Fall like November. This year 513 Paint Diary has 3 new colors selectively harvested for our customer’s enjoyment and use. Introducing, the fall in color series. This series features the colors: Red Fort, Sunset in Angkor and Uluru. To help you get into the fall season, we will provide you with various ways to spice up your home with this new collection.

  1. Red Fort

    Named after New Delhi’s Red Fort, this color is sure to make your home stand out with flair. The color was originally white. For the fall season, red is the new white. This dark, subtle red goes well with walls and chairs as the subtle color highlights the brightness and provides balance to your home. The subtle red will surely spice up your living space and help you get into the ideal mood for fall.

    Image provided by Global Story Book

  2. Sunset in Angkor

    The Sunset in Angkor gives you a glimpse of radiated warmth, energizing your house with igniting temperament. Founded in the 9th century AD, Angkor was the capital city of the Khmer Empire, the predecessor of Cambodia. The Sunset in Angkor provides you with a mixed vibe of stunning sunset and the Angkor temples. This color hence transforms your living area into a spectacular scenery as if you have been to Angkor. 

    Photo from Pinterest

    The Sunset in Angkor can be associated with the fall colors. Combined with the color of Red Fort and Uluru, Sunset in Angkor resembles the orange of the Autumn leaf. The paints not only can be used on the wall but also on the surface of furniture and denim, making your place like a spot for maple viewing. With its shining orange, Sunset in Angkor can slightly stand out the surface painted on, to get rid of the mood of Autumn depression.

  3. Uluru

    Located in Northern Territory in central Australia, Uluru is a giant sandstorm rock formation, known as Ayers Rock after being discovered by Sir Henry Ayers in 1873. One fun fact about the Ayers Rock is the color will change over time by depending on how the sun lightens it. Besides, the reddish-brown color of the paint appears to be the sacred rock for the aborigines, making your decorations sacred in the fall.

    Photo from Pinterest

    If the Sunset in Angkor looks like a standout to you, Uluru is a good alternative option. Uluru also represents the color component for pumpkin, but with a duller & lightened tone in the color spectrum, as essential in your Autumn decoration.


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