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A Cozy Christmas

Get cozy and comfortable with our Christmas DIY ideas, Denim Revamp workshop as well as the top 3 color choices to help you get into the mood this winter!

Christmas DIY

Are you being tired of the existing furniture, yet struggling with the budget? Are you going to decorate your house, yet don’t want to produce any domestic waste? Here is the solution – upcycling. Upcycling is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and creative way that brings your furniture to life again. With paints, there are so many types of surfaces to be used on as one could never think of.

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Rocks could be an experimental platform to apply your Christmas ideas. Even if you’re new to painting, no worry! There is no shame in try and errors as they are just rocks. As for parents, it is a great opportunity to develop a parent-child relationship with your kids this Christmas. Afterward, you can even give this to your friends instead of buying a Christmas gift.

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Besides rocks, tables and chairs can be an easy and cheap DIY solution. If your chair looks too shabby, renew it by drawing a Christmas snowman on it. Alternatively, a deer or Santa Claus would do as well. 

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Display your creativity in your neighborhood. The door is often an overlooked place for Christmas decorations. You can make it look as if a gift by covering with a cross of red silk fabric and a giant bowtie.


Denim Revamp

Aside from furniture, we have a workshop ready for you. In “Denim Revamp”, you can upcycle your own denim jackets or jeans by customizing your own style and painting into any garments made of denim. “Revamp” refers to bestowing a new appearance to something old. Even If you do not have any denim materials, you are welcome to purchase denim bags from 513 Paint Shop. 

Revamp your denim now.


Christmas Paints

Our select colors for you this month are: Rectory Red, Teresa’s Green and Brassica perfect to get you into the mood for Christmas!

Nothing says fancy festivities like Christmas spirit with a touch of sophistication! Get in the mood with colors, freshen up your home and embrace the best holiday of the year with these paints!

  • Rectory Red
  • Nothing represents Christmas better than red. This month, try Rectory Red, a shade of red that is warm, subtle and suitable for getting into the mood for Christmas whilst giving your home a touch of energy to get hyped for the holidays. Give your home a vintage, rustic and classic feel and create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

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    • Teresa’s Green

    Christmas is incomplete without trees. Green represents growth, promise, freshness, and harmony. It may be freezing outside but it can be fresh, comfortable and quaint inside. Complement your red with green, there’s no better pairing that defines the Christmas holiday spirit like this.

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    • Brassica

    Sophistication, grace, and royalty. Brassica is a shade of purple that represents the spirit of Christmas. This shade of purple blends in with bright furnishings perfectly to give your home a fancier feel without being too bold.

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