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Get Ready for Spring - Interior Inspiration from Colour Trends 2019

Spring is almost here, it is time to update the look of your home with some warm and refreshing colours. Last time, we introduced you the latest colour and interior trends regarding colour contrast and natural textures. Inspired by the trends, we matched the colours from our collection to synchronise with these great fun trends. Here, we present you 4 sets of harmonious colours that you would love to put on your walls. 



Back to the Basics

903 Fairies' DreamChalk & Charcoal

The use of different shades of black and white in decorating can create stunning and dramatic decor. Based on the off-white that common flats in Hong Kong would have, black accessories, picture frames, fabrics or a bold piece of furniture can outline the specific area or object.

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The use of black and white unquestionably gives a sophisticated and elegant look to any room. If you would like to make subtle variations of colours, see our Karo collection to find out different shades of white that work well with any chosen colour palette. 

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Shades of Spring

320 Forest, 115 Eucalyptus, 113 Lake Como & 903 Fairies' Dream

Greens are definitely the shades of spring which evoke both warmth and coolness. The bright green can light up a room while a pale, muddy green blends in seamlessly and gives you a sense of calmness.

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A touch of bluish-green can create contrast and energise a room without overwhelming you with something super bold. You can add that as an accent on the stark white wall, not even the whole wall but maybe playful shapes or patterns. 

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There is no better way to show green by artfully displaying plants in the room. Plants have the magic to make space more lively and welcoming. It is also sustainable. Use the vivid green from nature to bring the dull corner to life!
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Subtle Boldness with Earthy Red

305 Sana'a, 123 Ashikaga Park & 902 Willow's Wisp

If you are in the dilemma of painting something bold or subtle, earthy tone colours are your choices. You can see the restrained boldness from colours like earthy red and pink, yet they still display their richness of colour. Again, any shades of white is a good neutralization for striking colours as well as a medium to make the contrast more prominent. 

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Try to bring out that earthy vibe by replacing the woody colour with natural, raw, rugged materials such as plants or wooden furniture if possible. Putting multilevel wooden shelves on the wall will not only create more spaces but also adds on to this earth tone vibe! After all, this colour scheme is an inspiration from nature!

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Contrasting Harmony

525 Pashmina, 532 Silver Sky, 515 Banana Split & 121 Prussian Blue

Want to step out of the "comfort zone of safe neutral colours"? With careful curation, bold colours together can be smooth and harmonious, eye-catching yet delicate. Feel the cheerful vibe radiated from the hues of yellow and blue. A bedroom is one of the best places to embrace this unique joyful colour scheme. 

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Instead of painting the walls, feel free to do the colour matching with fabrics or textiles such as bed sheet, rugs and curtains. In this way, the colour scheme incorporates with the interior more naturally.

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The colour trends are fun and can be a surprise if you explore it. Share 513 Paint Diary on Facebook or Instagram if you think the blog is useful and invite friends to sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest interior design inspiration.  We are happy to hear you sharing us your favourite colour mix-and-match and interior ideas. comment below! 

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