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Top 5 Colours of Farrow and Ball in 2022

2022 is coming to an end but its spectrum is just getting more colourful. White paint has always been a popular choice when it comes to interior design. However, have you ever had a desire for change, tried to bring novelty to your cosy home but never had the time or idea for it? Have a look at the top 5 colours from the Farrow & Ball Collection! You may perhaps find the right colour for you and your home.



Setting Plaster, a dusty shade of pink. It is used mostly as a backdrop of antique furniture to imitate a blushing wall. With its subtle hint of yellow pigment, Setting Plaster adds softness and comfort to a nudy interior. This sophisticated colour of warm brown pink goes well with 93 STUDIO GREEN as the accent wall colour, creating an elegant atmosphere with a slight clash of colours. It is a popular choice among customers searching for a contemporary styled home.



Hague Blue, a deep and timeless maturity. This deep, dark shade of blue is taken originally from Dutch woodwork, used mostly for ground skirtings. When partnered with 235 BORROWED LIGHT, Hague Blue can be a fantastic accent wall as well.




India Yellow is famously named after the pigment within the secretion of cows that had mango leaves as their special diet. India Yellow gives a warm and welcoming feeling to your home. The earthy tone of this pigment is a great choice for customers who are looking for a nostalgic or retro element in their house. The warm and rich colour could be further paired up with 276 MOLE'S BREATH for a vibrant contrast.


#4- 223 BABOUCHE

The striking colour of the leather slippers in Morocco inspired the name Babouche. Interestingly, its brightness and cheerines scales with the space provided and it gets stronger the vaster the space, but it never seems gaudy or ostentatious. The colour Babouche goes well with 31 RAILINGS, which is also a top 5 colour, creating a highly contemporary yet luxurious appearance.



Railings is a softer version of the colour black that tends towards the colour blue. It is best suited to the steel where it gets its name. When it is applied on front doors, it could create a magnificent and impressive entry. Differently, when it is applied on walls, it would bring you a much more laid-back vibe. By applying this paint, the bluer undertones of this dark hue transform rooms into dramatic and engulfing interior spaces. Other than Babouche, you could also pair Railing with 277 DIMPSE for a quieter indoor.


Now we have it for you, the top 5 colours for interiors! Have you found your choice for your home? Different from White, they are vibrant and graceful but still as soothing and harmonic. Flexible as combinations of colours can be, these colours can be painted as the main colour or simply an accent wall for your home to be presented anew.


If you are interested in the colours above or even other preferred colours, do not hesitate to contact us and let us match and find the colours of your style! Email or call us for details.

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