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Welcoming the Year of Tiger

Fai Chun

Although it is almost the end of Lunar New Year, it is never too late to refurbish the interior design of your household to freshen up the new year. Visit our online shop for our eco-friendly paints to add some festive hues for a refreshing start now!


310 Lava

310 Lava310 Lava

Adding red to a wall might seem like a bold interior design decision. However, highlighting some of your furniture and decor with our colour, 310 Lava, is a perfect choice to lighten up the atmosphere of a room. While the colour red symbolises good fortune and joy, do not hesitate to add a splash of red in your household. 

Instagram Post: 310 Lava


321 Golden Harp

321 Golden Harp321 Golden Harp

In Chinese culture, the colour gold symbolises wealth and riches, which has the same symbolism in most Western countries. Therefore, if you want to welcome more wealth and money into your household, you can add a touch of gold to your house in multiple subtler but chic ways. For example, casually adding some metallic splashes on the outside of your dressers or simply painting the handles gold would be some fun hacks to invite metallic hues to the interiors. Start your New Year DIY right away!

Instagram Post: 321 Golden Harp

Instagram Post: 321 Golden Harp


Do remember, all of our paints are environmentally-friendly, which means they are non-toxic and child- and pet-friendly. Order now for your new year refurbishment. Hurry up, we are offering local FREE SHIPPING for any single purchase over HK$500! 513 Paint Shop wishes you health, wealth and happiness in the Year of Tiger. 

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