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New Year New Knowledge - Be A Sensible Consumer

As 2020 is approaching, everyone is incredibly eager to purchase new items for their homes. There is a variety of types of chemicals with multiple names, but you might not be aware of the potential hazards of these chemicals to your family. This article will provide you a deeper understanding on 2 common chemicals and 1 material used in household products.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Being volatile means that the liquid or solid can easily evaporate under room temperatures. VOCs can produce indoor air pollution easily. However, the amount of VOCs will deteriorate as time progresses. 

Physical properties: Colorless and irritating to the skin if inhaled.

Source: solvent-based paints/coatings, adhesives, sealants, printing inks, organic solvents, and petroleum products.

Health issue: Eye irritation, nose & throat irritation, allergic skin reaction, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. A high level of VOCs can even cause damage to the liver, kidneys and nervous system.

How to avoid: Choose products with low levels of VOC containment (E.g. Paints with free and low VOCs in 513 are your companions because customers' health is our top priority), maintain good ventilation, leave newly bought furniture isolated with good ventilation, store it in an isolated area such as bathrooms, and keep it away from babies and pregnant women.


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Formaldehyde is one of the VOCs and is commonly exposed to humans through inhaling chemicals in the air from new flats, renovation and buying new furniture. It is listed as Group 1 (carcinogenic to humans) by The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Physical properties: Colorless and irritating to the skin if inhaled.

Source: Furniture - synthesized plywood, sofa, and bookshelf

Health issue: Same as VOCs. However, exposure to Formaldehyde during pregnancy can cause abortion and deformity towards newly born children which impacts child growth.

How to avoid: Use air purifier, hire VOC removal company and maintain good ventilation, etc.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We have briefly mentioned two well-known harmful chemicals in the above section. On the contrary, instead of avoiding harmful chemicals, an alternative would be choosing eco-friendly materials such as Bamboo.


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Bamboo is known as the eco-friendliest furniture choice in the market. It has the following pros and cons.


  • Release 35% more oxygen than trees in forests
  • Fast-growing
  • Strong
  • Natural
  • Cheap


  • Vulnerable to insects and fungus attack
  • Deteriorate when being wet
  • Scratchable
  • Lacking grading systems
  • Release VOCs slowly 

To be a wise customer, you can consciously keep an eye on any eco-friendly paints and furniture that are sustainable to the environment and harmless to your loved ones. It is always important to research the chemicals existing in the products before making future purchases. 


Our products are:

  • Free and low in carcinogenic VOCs
  • Non-toxic
  • Paints are children and pet safe
  • Eco-friendly

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