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Embrace the Year of Rat

As Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, get ready to embrace new decorations by replacing Christmas ornaments! Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, takes place from January 25th to January 28th in 2020. This year is the year of the Rat, which ranks first among the Chinese zodiacs in the 12-year cycle. Rats have charismatics of vigor, wit, and spirit. The rat is quick-witted and capable of making creative decisions within a short period of time to get out of sticky situations. Start off the new year by making some quick, small and simple choices to add something new in your household!

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One of the refurbishments you can do is sticking Fai Chun at your home. It features a 4-word phrase for the purpose of blessing as well as fostering harmony and is common in Chinese society. 

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Apart from sticking Fai Chun, giving out a red envelope to the unmarried off-springs of the next generation members is a traditional ritual in the CNY. The color represents good fortune and symbolizes the safeguard to exile evil spirits. Inside the envelope, it contains a variable amount of money depending on how much the married relative gives. As a result, that is why CNY has become one of the favorite festivals for youngsters. As for the distribution, married relatives tend to dispatch the red envelope during the Reunion Dinner.

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Another essential activity is the Reunion Dinner. It is often known as the most important event that holds the family altogether and to forget all the troubles from the previous year. 


Prior to the dinner, a common activity is playing Mahjong, a tile-based game that examines players’ use of strategy and calculations. It can even help understand one’s personality by observing the opponent’s courtesy in the game. 

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Other than the Chinese decorations, consider the color of the month! Dutch Orange for your CNY refurbishment.

Dutch Orange

In Chinese culture, orange represents abundance and good fortune. This year, freshen up your home with orange for an extra splash of positivity and prosperity. Dutch orange is a clean and bright color that is perfect for CNY to welcome guests to your home when they visit for CNY festivities.


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