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Romanticize your February

This February, we’ve got some tips for you regarding spending Valentine’s both indoors and outdoors for you to consider. Decide between giving your home a fresh new lovin’ of painting or decide to spend time outdoors in places where you can actually “breathe” fresh air, we’ve got you covered. This February, we are presenting fresh new loving colors to spice up the indoor mood, since most people will probably be spending extra time at home anyways. Check out these fresh colors we have picked for you this Valentine’s day!

1. Fez

Fez is a unique shade of brown which is a color that echoes the essence of the earth, ground, soil giving your home a natural feel. Place emphasis on nature, and give your home a natural look and feel. This unique color is sure to help you relax, feel slightly safer and stress-free at home with your beloved.

2. Petra

Petra is a light peachy subtle color that represents calamity. Use this color this month to ramp up the vibes in your home atmosphere to maintain a calm, positive loving environment for the ones you love.

3. Bonfire

Burn bright with passion with Bonfire! Spice up your home with this fiery and fierce color to show your passion, desire, and lust for creativity and inspiration. Bonfire will ignite your home with life, reminding you that inspiration is limitless. Let this color ignite your home and burn negative feelings away.

4. Aurora

Last but not least, we have Aurora! This LOVELY pink color is suitable for those who want to get a bit wild this valentine. Nothing speaks love like pink. Show appreciation to your home this month with Aurora, re-design with your beloved family or significant other using this cute color this month!


Assuming you’ll be spending way TOO MUCH time at home, we also have a compiled list of things for you to do outside. Here are some things that you could consider doing outside of home!

On the contrary, if going out is essential for you, you can consider hiking with your beloved one during Valentine’s Day. Hong Kong is made up of around 60% mountainous terrain. This year, we have designed 3 hiking trails for you and your companion to not only avoid the crowd but also maintain a healthy lifestyle simultaneously.

1. High Island Souvenir (East Dam) 

If you are looking for an easy, yet scenic trail, East Dam of the High Island Souvenir is the top pick for you, especially when there is a minibus, no. 9A, that takes you directly to the dam during Sundays or public holidays nowadays. 

Photo from Hive Mind

Built in 1978, High Island Reservoir is the biggest reservoir to relieve water lacking issues in Hong Kong. What makes this place so special is that it is unspoiled and unpolluted, unlike most places in the city. 

Photo from STEFF
The hexagonal breakwaters are built to protect the dam from the longshore current. 
(Photo by Matthew Ho)

High Island Reservoir consists of two dams. The first one is located on the west side of High Island and the east one was built at the southeast of High Island, connecting with the Sai Kung Peninsula which is near to a stack Island, known as Po Pin Chau.

Photo from TOPick HK
This reservoir is also an excellent place for stargazing if you go at night or choose to camp as the sky is not affected by light pollution. 
High Island Reservoir is a great hit for Instagram’s check-ins! Let’s get there with your loved ones!


Photo from GETREADY

Grass Island, known as Tap Mum, is located in the northeastern part of Hong Kong. It is well known for its convenience for exploration and helps you to get rid of the stress resulted from the urban hustle. Besides, it features a wide seascape, odd rocks, fisherman village, historical buildings, and, a bunch of cattle.

To head to Grass Island, taking boat is a must. There are two main ways of transportation. One is to take bus no. 94 from Sai Kung downtown and then take the boat at Wong Shek Pier. Another method is to take the boat from Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier, which takes 1.5 hours while it is 0.5 hours as compared to Wong Shek Pier.

Grass Island is a perfect site for picnicking as well as kite flying. Besides, the best of Grass Island is its ease of hiking. It only takes you around half-and-hour to finish the trail and is rated one out of five stars in terms of difficulty. 

Just like the wallpaper of Window 97. Despite their cuteness, It is better not to disturb the cattle as they are too busy eating grass in "Grass Island", not to mention that some of them might have bad temper.


3. Sharp Peak

If you are looking for something challenging, Sharp Peak can be a good fit for you! It is the most challenging one among the top three peaks in Hong Kong. Located at the northern side of Tai Long Wan, in the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong, Sharp Peak stations at the height of 468 meters (1.535 feet) above sea level.

Photo from Flickr
Sunset view on the mountain

As for the duration, the whole trip takes around 6 hours and is often rated full stars in difficulty. It is suggested to bring enough equipment as well as water and snacks in order to complete this challenge.

Photo from Fitz
Sign warning inexperienced hikers not to proceed. Make sure you are experienced and have done enough research before choosing this route.
We wish you all a happy and healthy Valentine's Day!


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